Hi everyone! Thanks for letting this chick join the flock!

Koda Shmoda

In the Brooder
Dec 15, 2020
Hi! I'm Koda, and obviously new here and thought you guy's might want to know some stuff about me....

I have had chickens basically all my life from just helping with my grandma's cattle ranch flock which has fed her crews for about 50 years now, to starting my own flock in March of last year and getting ready to start hatching in spring. Currently, I have a standard blue cochin hen named Inky, she is my lap hen 😂 Then my standard speckled cochin rooster named monster ( not because of being mean but he is the total opposite, he had an abscess eye as a chick so he was a one-eyed little monster😂) then I have three ISO red hens, and then two ancient misfit hens named spur and violet (Spur is a buff Orpington, the only gentle one that I have ever had, and with her name she has spurs, she's between 8 and 10, and Violet is a feather footed mutt, around 12 years old and has a twisted beak but she has eaten fine with it ever since we got her and her kennel mates at the sale barn). When I turn 18 I want to begin the process of buying a homestead so that I can become self-sufficient. Some of my favorite things about raising my flock are mainly that Monster, my roo, is so gentle, even with little kids, him crowing around lunchtime with all the neighbors' roos when little kids see him and light up because he and my cochin hen have pants, and when I get to free-range them and they run to the horses and say hi to them then scratch underneath the hay feeders. Some of my other hobbies are riding and training horses for western riding ( I use natural horsemanship so it's really boring but much more rewarding when they think of you as the lead mare in the herd), shooting archery and rifles, and gardening, as well as designing tiny houses and homestead layouts. Right now I am training horses and going to school but this spring and summer I will be hatching Cochins and cochin x Iso browns, clipping mini horses for show and doing small shows with my mini horse, as well as of course training horses and will hopefully be helping my uncle on the family ranch with anything from fixing fence to working cattle to helping with my grandma's flock of red star's. Along with all 7 of my chickens, I personally have 2 horses one is a Quarter horse x Arabian mare who is 22 years old and an almost solid paint mare who is 8, I have a corgi who is 6, a herd of 4 goats, and 4 goat kids, a barn cat, and some fish for my aquaponics system. Hopefully, this answers most of your questions because I am often bad about answering emails and don't want to leave you in the dark about me.

PS I found out about BYC from my one of my Grandma's magazine subscriptions and also searching random poultry stuff on google, and I use BYC enough that I thought that I ought to join.
It always makes me laugh, when I hear Quarter horse. :lau 1/4 horse? Where is the rest of him?:D

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