Hi Everyone.


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Well, this all started with my neighbor. He moved 2 places down from me about 2 years ago. he started getting his yard in order, built him a small shed, then started his chicken coop. The more I watched the chickens the more i wanted to try it. I learned quite a bit from him and got the 123's of chickens. So, Lea and I started our little venture to get some Chickens. We now have 1 Copper Maran, 1 White Leghorn, 2 Red Sex Links. Somehow wound up with 2 Buff Orpington Roosters. Everything going real well with them so far , had to seperate the Roosters from the Hens, just keeping my Hens strirred up to much and quit laying. Got a new home for 1 of the Roosters then I will hem em all back up together once he leaves. We are new to Chickens and have learned a lot in the last couple months. We plan on a lot more in the future. I hope to have 20 Reds before its over. Orps will go and I will have a RIR to take care of the Hens. My Neighbor helps me with alot of questions. He has Chickens, Goats, and a Pig. Well, the pig actually went to slaughter. Plans are to have some more. I enjoy watching the chickens and listen to them "talk" to one another. Will try to post some pics of them and the Coop as soon as I can. Enjoy the site also.
and tell your neighbor he would be most welcome here, to share his knowledge.

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