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6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Burkesville, Kentucky
Hello! I am excited to be a member! I was raised on a farm, and it was always my job to feed and water the chickens before school and gather the eggs. I loved my chickens.I also took chickens to the county fair for 4-H. We moved from the farm when I was 14 years old and I have not had chickens since then. Now I am 41 years old, and we just bought a mini-farm in Kentucky, it came with chickens, ducks, guineas, 3 pigeons , dogs, & 1 cat. I know nothing about guineas. They run wild on our property and one of the hens (if guineas are also called that) hatched some chicks. We have caught one of them, and are having a hard time catching the rest. We have been told the mommy is not very good at taking care of them and we want to keep them safe until they can fend for themselves. We have 11 chickens, and one is nesting. I am not sure how many eggs she is sitting on because she is up in the loft in the barn and I cannot climb up there. My 14 year old climbs up and gives her food and water every day. I am excited to see her chicks.
I look forward to talking with everyone and learning more about chickens and guineas. I am sure there is a lot to learn and appreciate you all being here! I am not sure what all I am supposed to share here. I am married and have 5 children. They were all raised in town and we are all loving our country life experience! I am looking forward to teaching them everything I learn about chickens here.

Thank you!
Jennifer D.
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