Hi everyone :)


May 10, 2015
Hi I'm new and would appreciate some helpful tips in how to improve the quality of my chickens life
Thanks :D:p
Have your chickens been complaining ??
Do you have any photos of your set up? Can you give us the dimensions of your coop mainly width and length, and also of your outside run. Chickens hate to be crowded and can start fighting, feather pecking and get worse from there. If they have the room, good feed, clear, fresh water,and the basic cleanup of surroundings - they should be happy. Chickens are fairly easy to please. Are they doing anything that makes you feel they aren't happy?

Oh yes, Welcome to Backyard chickens, very glad you joined us.
glad you have joined us.

From your other posts it does seem you are having some bad luck now - hope you solve your broody and egg binding issues.

More specific info or questions will help get some opines as already suggested by drumstick diva.

You should branch out and use the other forums for future issues or you will continue to get welcomes when posting under New Members. If you have not explored the site, go to top of page and select forums, see the many forum categories and post under those categories. You will get more opinions on specific problems there.

Hope this helps.
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