Hi from a new member in NC!


9 Years
Aug 28, 2013
High Point, NC
Hi BYC Peeps!

My name is Tabatha Smith from High Point, NC. I've been a chicken mom for about 5 months, and am already obsessed! I started researching chicken raising a year ago and this community has been a life saver, so I thought it was about time to join officially, say hello and introduce myself.

A little about me...
About a year and a half ago, I left a 15 year career in wine sales to pursue a "better" life. The wine business is great, but working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and driving 1000 miles a week (average) didn't leave time for much of a life outside of the business. It is also very difficult to stay healthy with that much travel. I am now working my way towards a more self-sustaining lifestyle, raising chickens and gardening. I've started a small business selling handmade skin care, pet care and household cleaning products. I also help my mother with her pet sitting business. Now I am working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week but feeling so much more fulfilled! I am also passionate about cooking (since age 3), crafting, and supporting local farmers and businesses.

A little about my zoo..
I live in a neighborhood right on the cusp of the country. Luckily, there is another chicken family in the neighborhood. I currently have a flock of six (I planned for four, of course). I have two, two years olds that were given to me by a family friend. One is a Black Sex Link, creatively named Blackie. I cannot figure out what the other is, but her name is Red and she rules the house. She is a mess! The other four I bought a couple days old and they are now 9 weeks old. Two solid white Easter Eggers, a Silver-Laced Wyandotte and a Cuckoo Marans, I think since she has the cutest pink feet. (I left the feed store with 3 Easter Eggers and a Barred Rock.) Fingers crossed they are all hens.
Along with the girls, I also have two parrots, six cats and a black Lab. Again, Red rules the house!

So far I have learned: you can spoil a chicken in 5 seconds, chickens are hilarious, you should never visit your chickens without your camera, chickens really are not that stupid, and it is more awesome raising chickens than I expected!

Thank you all for your posts and information. You all have taught me so much. I hope to keep learning from you all and to contribute any way I can to this great community.

Thanks again,
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
I am from High Point, Nc also. I am interested in raising just a few chickens but I live in a neighborhood in the city. I have left a message at one office to get the regualtions and to see if it is even allowed but no call backs yet. I tried a few other numbers that I found on the web and all of them seem to lead to nowhere. Any advice on finding out if we are really allowed to have chickens where we live?
I am gald that I saw your post. How very exciting!!

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