Hi from Australia - new to forum, but a BYC follower for months


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Oct 13, 2010
Sydney, Australia
Hello from Australia.

I got my silkies a year and have loved the experience and they are very much a loved part of the family. We have 1 rooster and 2 hens, one has just had her first hatch - 4 chicks and all are doing well.
I started following the posts and reading how I could care for our little feathered friends and so should have joined long ago, but, have never been part of a forum and so was a little nervous.

After our hatch our Mumma didn't take to her babies, she was a little scared of them and remained broody and so I logged on and asked for your help....Everyone has been GREAT and so helpful..Thanks

Although Mumma is still reluctant to break her broodiness her babies are doing well with us sharing the instruction on how to eat and drink.

I am pleased I have logged on and not just observing anymore
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Welcome Sydney feel bad about your hen I have one that left her chicks as well Luckily there was a tiny Old English bantam rooster who took over for her. These chicks follow him around all the time Now they are bigger than he is. It is so cute to see this tiny rooster with a very large and growing chick following him all around. Momma is back to laying eggs as well. I wish now I could have gotten pics of them trying to get under his wings when they were smaller lol Anyway welcome from sunny FLorida this forum is the best.

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