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Mar 2, 2010
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Hello, old chicken owner and forum goer but new to BYC! Im from the central coast of CA, in the ONE non ag city around, dangit! But currently I have 4 chickens that are still at my moms house who has a large chicken friendly yard (I rent a room in a house with a horrid chihuahua, not chicken friendly!) Hopefully after college in a couple years I will get my own place with tons of chickens and geese and ducks and goats and llamas and ponies and and and....

Anyways, on to the chicks! I have 4, only 1 left of my original 4. Been there dont that with my first 4, from fractured spines to egg bound to coccidia to meningitis that left my chicken 100% paralyzed. I had to tube feed her, reteach her EVERYTHING and had to preen her daily. I am left with one cranky old hen left that has a tumor inside her, but shes still loving towards us (just not other chickens lol) and is pretty happy when she gets to pick on all the other chickens.

This is Amy, back when I was still in HS, she loved it when I sang and danced with her hehe.

My Aracana (sp?) after a week at the vets, she was the one paralyzed 100%, she had no choice but to lie in my arms. She had a seizure a few hours before this
We actually took her all over the place, because she couldn't move, lol!

Ill have to grab photos of my others girls tomorrow, but then consist of:
2 BFFs, a brahma and a polish...they never leave eachothers sides. Susan and Mary-Ann, how fitting right?
1 mexican fighting hen, a special breed used for fighting around here. A flock got loose and lives wild in the Ojai valley where my vet got an egg and let her hen hatch it. Obama was born on inauguration day of last year, hence her name, but we call her Bam Bam because of her attitude. She will fight with you, if your foot is in her way, it WILL get attacked. She is more like a goose as well, tonight a stray cat came through our yard, she chased the cat around, then flew to a high spot and screamed for 5 minutes. Oh, she is aerodynamic as well, an adaption her flock took on, they sleep in trees! I have to clip her wings...I clip small bird wings all day long at work, but a chickens?! Its a new experience, especially a mexican fighting hen!

Think thats all, too excited to be here

PS: Added a picture, and sorry for all spelling errors, insanely busy work day, ugh, so tired!
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Welcome to BYC!

Wow seems you have been through a lot with your chickens. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more posts from you and more pictures too.

FYI - I sang happy birthday to my chicks today , they are now 2 weeks old.

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