Hi from Connecticut

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Jun 9, 2009
Well I joined yesterday but have been workin on my chicken coop. It's 4 ft wide 8 ft long and the roof goes from 5 ft to 4 ft. Its a good size for a small coop, and i built it myself for under $200!!. Not to bad, just need the chickens. I have a few choices, around here. I can get what I think are partridge araucana. The hens are red with the gold on the neck and lay the green egg. theres the red sexlinks, which are red. And theres what I think are barred rocks, they look like them anyway. These are all 4 weeks and older, I decided to skip the first couple of weeks so that I can put them in the coop with out much problems. So i'm glad to join and hope I enjoy the help I can get from everyone.


Glad to have you here!

Post pics of your new coop if you can!

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