Hi from Jhb, South Africa


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Hi people

I am thinking of getting a few chickens just for eggs and would appreciate some advie on what breeds are quiet and good layers and if you know if I can get them from somewhere around me?
I am still busy researching but I am hopefully looking to start getting my chicks in about 3 months.
Also stuck a bit on the type of coop necessary for 4-5 hens. Any advice and/or literature would be much appreciated.
Greetings, Aruna22, and
! Happy to have you aboard! In terms of coops, there are countless styles and designs. Take a look at the Coops section below and see if one suits you. Keep in mind, the size of he coop is recommended to be 4 sq. ft. per bird. I'd advise making the coop larger than you think you need - you may (will) want to add birds later.
For breeds...again, lots of choices. Below is a second link that compares many breeds. Good luck to you and enjoy the journey!


Thanks so much for the information, going to get stuck in just now

there is so much of information that I am finding it a bit overwhelming actually.
Really appreciate the pointer in the right direction so thanks again.

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