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Hi everyone,

This site has been really useful for us the past few months so thought I'd sign up!
Me and my fiancé live in Liverpool, England. We recently got two female ducks - a white Campbell called Daphne and a khaki Campbell called Deefer (dee.fer.duck haha) and they seem happy which is good. They're about 3 months old and are getting more confident all the time. We also have a 2yr old collie dog called Dora who is good with them! It's lovely seeing them padding around the garden and splashing in their pool!

My question though is: today I noticed one of the ducks plucking feathers from the other ducks back. It didn't look overly aggressive but was quite forceful. The duck being plucked wasn't trying to get away or quacking but it looked odd. She now has a little dent in her feathers. Is this normal behaviour? Or is it showing who is top duck? Or was she just trying to get the other duck out of the water so she had it to herself?

Thanks in advance!
Here are our girls:


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Welcome! Your girls are beautiful. The pecking could be a pecking order issue which should work it self out if their behavior becomes to rough you could intervene. Are you sure their both girls sounds like a mating thing and yes girls try to mate my ladies will surf and peck each other especially in their pools.
Thanks very much for the welcome and advice! I'm pretty sure they're both girls. Ok I'll keep my eye on them and intervene if needed. :) thanks again!
Funnily enough actually I just found their very first egg! Exciting! Not sure who laid it, but I guess that means they're a bit older than we thought. Might explain the behaviour change.

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