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Nov 10, 2012
Jones County, MS
Hi, my name is Rae and I just joined BYC. We have been dreaming about having chickens for years and now we are finally able to make that dream happen.

Our previous residence was in a town that allowed backyard chickens but since we rented and our landlord was dead set against it we were not able to make it happen. With my hubby's new job we moved "back home" to Mississippi, bought a house in the county and have two acres. We hope to have chickens and goats.

We are in Jones County, so if any one is near us (North Laurel) I'd love to wave to you and learn anything about chickens in the area I can. Places to get chickens, feed, etc (best quality, best prices).

We have just begun the process of clearing out the area of land where we want the chickens and we are planning by late February, early March to have the fencing up and a coop built. We wish for as much free range as possible but we are in a neighborhood and there are other dogs and cats to protect from.

If anyone is interested in watching, reading, encouraging, and suggesting as we progress along this road I am writing about it on my blog, The Flooded Fishbowl. I really am serious about the encouraging and suggesting part; I am excited but nervous as well. I want to do things right as much as possible, the first time.


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Nov 9, 2012
With My Chicken Ruby!

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