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6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
Hi! I'm a former American but live in New Zealand now. I'm in the process of purchasing a lifestyle property (home on 8 acres) that is coming with sheep/lambs as well as a hen and rooster. My original thought was to have a couple of hens for eggs but I'm also a labrador retriever breeder and my dogs are raw fed so I'm interested in considering chicken as one of their main sources of meat. I'm trying to get my head around how many chickens this might mean keeping (and whether I want to take that on or not). Chicken (or any meat for that matter) is not cheap in New Zealand... $6-$8/pound is a GOOD price here and that doesn't make it very affordable for my dogs.

I look forward to learning a lot on your site and forum!

~ Eliz
Hi from an Aussie neighbour you could advertise for anyone wanting to get rid of roos. I have a greyhound man who takes anyone's free roos he really handy when I have mean roos. If you intend to hatch your own let me warn you now it a lot of hard work for dog food hey. And there is there thing.... Incubator addiction. Once you start it can take over your life. Brooder hens are great but that not goin to give you enough. Sheep are pretty time consuming I have a few coloured merinos they are wonderful pets I treat mine nice tho.
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