HI! From Northern Indiana! No chickens yet but doing my research!


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Jan 12, 2012
Northern Indiana
Hi everybody, I'm very excited to finally join the site. I've been reading it but haven't joined yet. I found this place last January and decided that this is going to be the year I really get on it! I'm a little worried about our cold weather but live around plenty amish and know that if they can raise chickens so can I! If you have any advice on what to do with chickens in the snow I will greatly appreciate it! Or if you can direct me to info or books that focus on that I'd appreciate it. Thank you! I hope to have chickens by the end of summer.
Welcome! I just joined here myself not too long ago. I got my first chickens 2 years ago, didn't know anything about them until then but I'm having tons of fun learning. I live in Connecticut where winters are not warm. With snow and ice, those heat lamps & heated water buckets come in handy. :) And more chickens you have, the more body heat they'll be able to create and stay cozy warm. I bet there are plenty of people here that can give you lots of good advice, certainly better than my tips. :D
Hello Jennifer!
from Washington State glad you joined us!

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