Hi from Ohio


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Belle Center, OH
Hey, I'm new to raising backyard farm animals and I figured this would be the best place to find the information I'm looking for. I'm in Hardin County Ohio and it's pretty much flat, drained marshland out here. I just got a property this summer and we're going to attempt to raise chickens and ducks for eggs and meat and also rabbits for meat and any other things we might be able to produce from them
Of course, the ducks will probably wait until we dig out our future pond. Oh and we also plan on being partial mushroom farmers too lol. We're trying to be self-sustained.... We'll see where it goes from there.

My first question to those experienced chicken raisers, of course, is which ones are good layers for this area of the US and easy for beginning chicken raisers like my family.
Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky. You will find the sex linked chickens to be heavy producers of brown eggs. Commonly they are know by commercial names such as Red Star, Golden Comets, etc. They also start laying earlier than your Heritage breeds. We personally like our Barred Plymouth Rocks. They have been laying extra large eggs and quite a few with double egg yolks. Don't forget to stop by the Breeds section https://www.backyardchickens.com/products/category/chicken-breeds for a complete list of chicken breeds as provided by BYC!

Coolness, thank you for being so welcoming. I had also been looking into the green egg layers like the Araucanas, Amauracanas, and Easter Eggers; are they hard to keep? Lol, I'm an artist so the idea of colored eggs from chickens enticed me

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