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Apr 18, 2013
Well I'm new to the forum thing, and have read a lot on line about chickens and Hatching, I'm in lock down with my first attempt at incubation, Day 19, my Temp drop over night to 94 f. I hope it wasn't to long. It is back up to 99.5 now. Humdity was good at 75% so I don't think from everything I have read it will be a bad thing, As low temp is more accommodating than a High temp. The eggs are a mix, A black Silkie roo and 2 redstar (sex-link) hens, see what I get, I also have 2 Black rock and 2 white rocks. But they all don't get along yet, as we got the last 4 from a guy up the road. We have had them for 4 months and they seem good, so I have let all the birds see each other, but the 4 Rocks really are not liking the others, Hope I can get them all together and get some fertilized eggs from the Rock hens and the Silkie. Well that is my story for now. Hoping I get a few chicks On sat is day 21. The eggs are moving lots, and the Last candling looked very good. we shall see......... All the best to everyone out there. Happy Chicken Parenting :)
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Sorry all I said they were White Rocks and Black rocks, LOL I meant Columbian plymouth Rocks and Black Plymouth rocks, ( Black sex-links) He had another Barred Rock too, father in law has it. all hens. Thanks for the welcoming post.
Will do, I will put up some pictures for sure.......
I think it should be called stare down Not lock down LOL, I though I was a patiant person LOL
Tomorrow is the big test. Hope it all goes well....
Thanks for all the welcoming post,
Anyone have any good ideas on how to bring the rest of the flock together, they are seperate now,
But they can see each other through a small portion of the barrier between the pens.
Should I just put them all in the yard when the sun come out again. I know they will make a Peking Order.
Should I do it one Chicken at a time, or a free for all in the (all at once) in a new area.???

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