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May 7, 2015
Well I'm not so much a brand new newbie, as I have had 3 of my girls for almost a year now, but I feel like I'm still floundering most of the time
I started my Chicken adventure as I imagine some here do by succumbing to the need to take home tiny fuzz-balls in a glass enclosure that made the most darling sounds! So here I sit a year later when that need strikes again and with two more little gals(I hope they are pullets anyway) in tow I find myself in need of more support/knowledge and just pain ol' friendship with fellow chicken lovers/addicts...at least in my case the addict certainly applies!

Well on to some introductions:
Meet Coco and Snowdrop...my new 6wk old Easter Eggers!

I also have two Speckled Java hens and one Buff Orpington hen. Add to that little mix two rambunctious children(Emma 6 and Oliver 3), one tolerant spouse, a black cat named Jinx and you have the whole family!

Looking forward to getting to know the BYC flock! <3

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To meet and hopefully become friends with chicken folk in your area - post on your state thread (at "where am I, where are you," in the social forum. Sometimes you need face to face friends and rather than internet. I hope this helps.

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