Hi from Placerville, CA


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
Hi my name is Linda and I have 14 chickens.

1- 6 month old Buff Orpington named Pasty for the pasty bottom she got when she was just days old. She is the only survivor of 8 chicks. The other 7 were devoured by the dog when they were less than a week old. Hard lesson that one was.
4 - 6 month old Rhode Islands
1 - 6 month old Buff Orpington
1 - 6 month old Sex Link
1 - 6 month old Modern Game hen
2 - 4 month old White Leg Horns
2 - 4 month old Barred Plymouth Rock
2 - 4 month old Brahmas, 1 black and white and one brown.

We are new to raising chickens. Pasty is the only chick that we have named although both of our daughters hold claim to ownership of their own birds. We have been getting eggs from our older ladies from X-large to xxs (from the modern game hen...the eggs are the cutest thing!) Everyday is an adventure with our chicks.

Our goal is to keep them safe and health.
HI! Welcome to BYC! You will love it here! We're nearly neighbors- We're in Auburn.

Congrats on your new flock- if you ever have any questions, there is always someone here happy to help.

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