Hi from Poway CA


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Hi everyone! My husband and I attended a sustainable living course on raising chickens and became hooked on the idea of raising our own food. We think we have 2 Rhode Island reds, an americuana, a welsumer, and a rooster of undetermined origin. We got them all at the local feed store so who knows what they are really. Doesn't matter to us, we are just so happy to have them in our lives. Our rooster, Finnegin, at 5 months is well behaved so far. The only time I have seen him look at me mischievously is when I went into the coop in flip flops and he noticed my red toe nail polish. Not doing that again. This week we got our first two eggs! So exciting! One had a double yolk, it was delicious! I am learning so much everyday in this website. Just happy to be part of this crowd :)
chickens go after the color red and shiny things, watch out for rings, and earrings to disappear - ouch!

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