Hi from South Central PA!


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hi everyone! I am new to the chicken scene, but am loving every minute of it!
We got our chicks the Thursday before Easter, and it has been so much fun to watch them grow. My husband, daughter and I worked and worked on the coop, thanks to the many ideas we found here, very, very helpful! I am not sure what kind of chickens we have, five are reddish brown with white, and one black one who is fuzzy. I do believe the black one is a rooster, as I heard something like crowing this morning, like a rooster with a sore throat. He does have two extra, I call them claws on the back of his legs, so I am guessing he is a rooster! lol I am hoping if I post some pics, that someone will be able to tell me what kind of chickens I have. We bought them at our local tractor supply store here. I can't wait for the egg laying to start, they are now 8 weeks old, and are already so big, and very friendly. I figured maybe two more months and we might have some eggs. We are still feeding them the chick feed from the tractor supply store, and some treats here and there. Thanks to your treat page, I have had some idea what to give them for treats. This site is so great, thank you all so much for such great information! I get on the site several times a day, I just can't seem to stay away!
Be posting some pics soon, from southern Somerset County, PA!

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