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Hi everyone, I'm Em from the Uk and I am so excited to have aquired six new members of our family.....chickens! I have done tons of research, however, I have found most conflict. I think the best advice anyone can gain is from those who actually have chickens. Hopefully I can pick up some help and advice on this whole new adventure from this site.

I collected my girls on Wednesday all ranging from 16-19 weeks and I have one of each of the following:- Goldline, Bluebell, black copper maran, white leghorn, speckledy and a Nera. Today our Goldline presented us with her first small egg! I cannot wait until the others join in too.

My first question will be to do with feeding, I have them on layers pellets and have got some mixed corn as an afternoon treat but I am still learning what else I can treat them to without poisoning them! Also my leghorn is pulling out some feathers and the Bluebell is eating them:rolleyes: hmmm strange choice of food!!

I'd love to hear from anyone who can help me learn more about being a good chicken owner:)
Where abouts are you?

Feather eating is sometimes an indication of protein deficiency, you might want to look into that. Have fun with your new girls!
Welcome, Em! I spent several years living in the UK and my husband is from Scotland. Nice to see another Brit here.

As far as food, the more variety the better! Chickens will eat almost anything. We have our compost pile inside the coop at our house and let them have free run of the kitchen scraps. We also give them baked crushed egg shells, mixed scratch grains, occasional yogurt or tuna fish, a handful of cat or dog food (one of their favorite treats), oatmeal, fresh or frozen veggies and fruits, worms from the garden, on and on!

Mostly we give a mix of lay crumbles and scratch grains though.
Hi to you all lovely to hear from you. I'm located in Cambridge.

Thanks for the info about feather eating, thought it was a bit odd! I shall look into the protein thought and figure out what I could add to their diet to increase it.

I am a natural born worrier and have trawled the emergencies board tonight armed with all my concerns with my new chooks, thank goodness there is somewhere where other people have the same concerns.

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