Hi guys!


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
I'm Margaret and I live in midcoast Maine. I got really interested in a more natural and self-sufficient lifestyle several months ago, and I've decided to take the plunge and start a chicken family! My family goes through countless eggs for baking, egg salad, breakfasts, etc., so this is the perfect opportunity for me. I might start raising some chickens for meat in the future, as well, but I want to make sure I've gotten the hang of the egg-layers before I learn to raise meat ones. I've had chickens on the brain constantly pretty much since I seriously considered raising them, and I'm going to start looking at materials for a coop tomorrow. Hopefully, by next week, I'll have bought some!
At least working on a coop will stop me from lurking on forums like these and researching chickens all day!

Anyway, nice to meet you all! I hope to talk to you all soon!
Sounds like we are in the same boat. I started my coop yesterday and hope to be finished by this weekend. I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Good luck.
Welcome to the BYC family! This is THE place for all things fowl. If you are thinking chicken, you've come to the right place. Wish I'd found this site before I got my chicks and built my coop. Sigh!

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