Hi, I’m Karina.


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Jun 17, 2022

Hi! I’m Karina. I was gifted my first 18 chickens by our neighbors who had to move unexpectedly. They were very tame and began following me around the yard. I didn’t realize how tame and smart chickens were and really enjoyed taking care of them.

During the winter, one of my roosters lost his feet due to extreme frostbite (MN gets -30*) and I ended up amputating his legs and getting him prosthetic rooster feet.

I’ve now built a chicken coop, and I’m all in!

I have olive eggers, Easter eggers, SL wyandottes, Rhodes, and amerarcauna(?). My original Rhode Island’s are still my favorite!

My future flock will be silkies and Rhodes!
Glad to meet you, Karina. I would love to hear how that rooster is doing with his prosthetics. Did you get him fancy ones like Olympic runners get that give extra spring and speed? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Just kidding though. Very cool that you took the time and trouble to help him out. (When I had knee replacement, I asked about if they had replacements that would do that sort of thing, and of course, they don't. Somebody needs to invent something!)
Best wishes with your birds and all your plans!

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