Hi! I am another newbie--checking in from, Central Oregon


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Signing in for the first time from Central Oregon---the high desert---have had chickens throughout my long life and love them all---really love the Birchen Cochins and hopefully finally have a breeding pair---we shall see. Have four young--week olds--2 Birchins and 2 Mottled and with my luck I will have four roosters. I also have laying hens--Buff Orpington, Barred Rock and Golden Sexlink---lots of eggs---enough that I am freezing a few every week so that I will have "fresh frozen" eggs for their down times---also have one Bronze hen turkey---a sweetheart and good egg layer also. I would like to eventually have a few different breeding pairs of Cochins---my Birchin, a Buff pair and ---well, I am thinking about the choices I must make. Looking forward to learning lots from all of you terrific people. The mama at mountaincountryfarms!
from a former Central Oregonian. I grew up near Madras, moved to Texas 7 years ago. I miss the 'beauty' of CO, but as dad always says "You can't eat beauty". Moved to TX after getting laid off from the sawmill. You came to the right place. Glad to have y'all. Add me to your buddy list if you would like.

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