Hi, I am new at chicken farming and really need your advice


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Jun 7, 2010
I am Karen and we live in TN. We are just now starting to have chickens on our farm and so far we are really enjoying it. We would love to get a good dependable incubator for under $200. Please recommend one that you have tried and know that works. We do not need to hatch a lot of eggs at a time.
Also, my hubby bought some laying hens today and our neighbor pointed out that two of them are really pale around the eyes and beak.
Please help. Is this a problem and if so, what can we do?
Thanks so much. I am really enjoying reading all your messages.
I hope you find the info you need! I just want to give you a friendly welcome!
You will get much better traffic on your questions if you post the first one in incubating and hatching chicks, and the second one on the emergencies, diseases etc. Don't worry that it's not an emergency -- all the health stuff goes there.
Good luck with your chickens!
Thanks so much for the advice. I am heading to the other topics now.
from SW Indiana

a good bator under $200 is called a Silkie hen

they go broody all the time, and are amazing mums

for the hens, give them some time, and maybe some vitamins in their water

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