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Sep 16, 2013
Well since this is my introduction I should say, my name is Amy and I have been experiencing keeping hens for about 1 and a half years, so far it has been difficult however it is great and I would recommend it to any one.
I remember about a month before my birthday I went to purchase my first hens, I was soo excited I was bugging my parents all through the holidays about it. My first hens were two silkies (one partridge coloured and one white) they were 7 weeks old and they costed £7 each, I picked the smallest little White fluff ball there was, I loved my silkies however the first months were hard work. I was forever worrying about wether the two ladies I had purchased were actually roosters, thankfully they were hens and laying well (sexing is very difficult with silkies). The next challenge I faced was broodiness I went through it with both hens (another thing with silkies. It was a nightmare and it took forever. I was starting to think that as a novice I had picked such a difficult breed, I had but I was proud of my beautiful hens.
Earlier this year I lost my partridge hen, she passed whilst I was on holiday, I never got to say good bye, I was sad but I couldn't leave me little White fluff ball on her own. So I went and got myself a black rock hen, however things didn't run too smoothly. Because I was stupid and did not check for disease symptoms I did beefed ask the breeder if there was disease he said not. The hen had conjunctivitis and if she was left with no treatment she wouldn't have lived more than a few more weeks. We treated her (if you have a hen with these problems please message me to know how I treated her), she is now restored to pretty much full health.
Even then after I'd battled disease, broodiness and death, I had my second silkie hen die it was a sad event, and it happened last night!!! I remember going down to say good bye as I knew it wouldnt be long, she hardly had the strength to breathe let alone move and it was like this for about a week. And now I am going to get two battery hens to join my beautiful black hen.
This outlines my whole experience as a chicken keeper, my mom asked me if I would actually like another hen, granted what I had been through. My answer was of course, even though it was tough and sad when they died, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel, I loved every second of keeping hens, and I will always want to keep hens. This outlines my experience of keeping hens, i would still regard myself as a novice but i am not as naive as i was a year ago. It has been a rough year for me, has anyone else lost any hens, believe me I can sympathise.

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Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!
Have you dropped in at the Learning Center, or read the posts of raising backyard chickens. You might want to search for "Silkie threads," to post on - they would have more information about raising them. I admire your persistence, and hope good luck is just around the corner for you and chickens

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