hi i am new.


9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
hi to everyone. this is my first year trying to breed ducks. i am from wendell nc so if there is anyone out thier that is form nc pm me or request me as a friend.

What breed of ducks are you trying to raise? Are they pets? Food (eggs or meat)?
also what type of ducks do u keep?? what are their names??? i love to hear about other peoples pets.....
I have only had duck and poultry of any kind since last May and I am ADDICTED!! I was going to get about 3 hens.. I now have 16 guineas, 22 chickens...1 turkey... 6 geese.. and 10 ducks and hopefully 5 more ducks by the weekend. I have three baby geese ordered and they should be here April 14 and as soon as the ducks hatch, I have about 14 goose eggs to go into the incubator. more duck eggs also but not sure whether to put them in or not

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