Hi ! I love chickens and ducks !


May 23, 2020
Elyria, Ohio
This is our first time with a farm, a mini one at that . Thought I would trying my hand at raising ducks and chickens . Never before did I think I could be so attached , especially after losing my big white male duck recently. I just love these creatures . Plus love their eggs so healthy !! . I have lots of questions , and love this Backyard chicken Blog Forum.
I’ve been raising chickens and ducks for a year and a half now. I have 8 chickens . Several different kinds . I bought my first ducks last year a female and a male . And added 6 more to The. family . plus 3 guinea birds too. They get along with the cats View attachment 2274052 and dogs too. Learning lots !!
Welcome to BYC it is definitely a great place to learn and have great conversations with people who understand our crazy obsession with chickens, ducks and every other animal out there i have a question for you do you house your ducks and chickens together or separate i keep mine all together and have been told it was strange to do

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