Hi, Im a newbie to chickens from Nor Cal


9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
Hello to all.
Wow what a great forum! So much information and so many helpful folks and experts!
We recently added 5 baby chicks to our growing "suburban farm". 2 Ameracaunas (Daffy and Violet) 1 Wyandotte (Nucky) , and two cochins, one buff and one black mottled (Buttercup and Iris) (<--I LOVE Iris, shes about the sweetest little creature I have ever met.) We don't know a lot about chickens and have been reading plenty but theres a gap between book knowledge and experiance so I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. At this point I am hoping we just have healthy, happy females, as a roo could really be an issue with neighbors on two sides.
We also have dogs, cats, fish and a lot of clean up.
Look forward to hearing your stories and seeing whats up in everybodys world.
Chickens are SO COOL!
Welcome, From Eastern Wa. This really is a great forum. Chickens are easy to raise they just need proper food and housing and they will thrive. Plus they are great entertainment.
Welcome to you! I'm in northern California as well.
Sounds like you have a nice little mini-flock already! I hope you learn lots here, make new friends, and have fun with your birds!

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