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6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
I'm a new BYC member, having been watching the page for quite awhile. Checking out the coop designs is my favorite, along with product reviews. My family (me, DH, and our 3 year old) has backyard hens within the Dallas city limits - the East side where we have large yards. We currently have two Buffs and one Production Red that are 2.5 years old, and eight new pullets that should start laying soon (2 Delware - that are mean - 2 Dominkers, 2 Chocins, and 2 Blacks). In middle of converting chicken run sections into two tractors; almost finished with one - used "Fowl Stuff' nesting boxes, and love them (so easy to install and I found online for $14.99 each).

I grew up in the country, while DH was city boy. He tolerates most my "back on the farm" concepts though at times threatening to throw out my "Little House on the Prairie" series, but he likes the chickens.

Thanks for all the photo publishers for the coop ideas!!
Welcome to BYC!

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