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Jul 10, 2021
Hi! I am new to this chicken game. I have been terrified of chickens and large birds for as long as I can remember and now I have 5 cheeps. It has been a process but I am no longer afraid of my cheeps, others absolutely still terrified. Maybe one day I will fully conquer my fear but who knows. I'm not in any rush.

I originally thought about getting chickens to rid my garden of earwigs. They have destroyed my garden for the last four years. Nothing gets rid of them. Then my friend told me her chickens love earwigs and she hasn't had a problem with them since getting chickens. March 2nd I brought home 6 chicks.

I have 5 hens. I have one Easter Egger, two Rhode Island Reds and two Dominate Coppers. I had another Easter Egger but my Lilly dog tried to play and it didn't end well. The chick was about 8 weeks old. My favorite of course, super friendly. I was heartbroken. My Lilly dog no longer tries to play with them, she just watches from a far. She helps me get them in the pen if they do get out. My other dog, Porter, just yells at us if they get out until we put them back.

I am very happily married to the most amazing supportive husband. We share an almost 2 year old little boy Lincoln. Lincoln loves the cheeps, as he calls them. They are the first thing he asks for in the morning. He loves feeding them and chasing them. Occasionally they will let him pet them. It was amazing watching how he reacted to them when we brought them home.

Our little family enjoys camping, hiking, off roading, rock crawling in our monster jeep and kayaking. I also enjoy vegetable gardening and baking.

My favorite thing about having my chicks is that they help with the earwigs and I get eggs. I got my first one a couple days ago. They are really fun to watch. Its pretty interesting seeing their personalities and different behaviors. We really enjoy them.

I am happy to be a part of this group because I promise I will have lots of questions as I am very new. I actually found this group because I was searching a chicken problem I am having now. Lol. I will be making another post for that in a few. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group!
Images: my son with baby easter egger amd my girls today.


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Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow

Very nice introduction! Nice breeds you keep, I think you will absolutely enjoy them. I would imagine that keeping chickens will help you get over your fear of birds. Of all the wild birds you could encounter, chickens are by far the most aggressive at least compared to a Blue Jay. :D I think you will do fine.

Sorry about the one you lost. :hugs

Make yourself at home here and if you have any questions about them along the way, feel free to ask. Welcome aboard!

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