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Hi everyone!
I LOVE THIS SITE AND WANT MY CHICKENS!!I have been doing research on BYC for a few weeks now and decided it's high time I jump in and say HELLO! This site has provided me with a plethora of knowledge and given me so many great ideas:) I am new to the world of raising chickens and don't even have my chickens yet !!I pick them up in 2.5 weeks. After all my research I've decided to get wyandotte, buff orpingtons and barred plymouth rocks. i love the way they look and they all seem to have good dispositions. I'm getting one of each (3 total)and I should mention they will be 7 week old pullets when they come home.

I am converting a doghouse into a coop and after all this reading i am at a crossroads and thought you might have some ideas/opinions to share with me. Here is the link to the house/coop

Here is my vision:
it will be raised and the porch will be enclosed with Hardwire cloth. Front door flaps will be converted to a proper door.
The barred window will be converted into a proper window.
I would like to cut a big door on the back side to make access for cleaning alot easier and also add a nice big vent above the door. And on the side that is currently up against the fence i plan on cutting a hole and adding two nesting boxes.
ofcourse it will get painted if the weather ever permits me to get outside!.BTW-it comes insulated.i will just have to insulate the nesting boxes.
Add a roosting pole and I think I'm all set....but......

I can't seem to get the right vision on where to attach their exterior playpen. I've got a bunch of thoughts but it's still in the works.
Anyhow,just popping in to say hi and say thanks for all the great info!! I could ramble on forever about my new adventure I'm about to embark upon but i'll save it for when the girls actually get here and I have some pics of my final product!


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Good for you for doing your research and planning before you get your new birds!
You'll start with 3 and end up with...well, I'm up to 45 now and started with 8!

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