Hi my name is Tony im a new chicken owner.


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Oct 30, 2012
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I have 8 golden comets that are about 7 months old and i was wondering about getting some more chickens of another breed. My wife was wanting some silkies white or black and i was wanting some black and white i think there called burd rocks or something close to that?
Hi Tony and welcome. You might mean Barred Rock. Check out the "Breed" section.
iam also new to chickens i have a mixed flock and they all get along after time. i think its a good idea to have many different kinds that way u have diff looks, acts and eggs . keeps things more interesting good luck with your flock.. if u have any ?s just ask the people on here are vary helpful
Hello Tony:
Barred Rock are black white very pretty the Cuckoo Maran is also black white - look at both you will be able to tell the difference in them. There maybe more black and white these are the two that I know of. Cuckoo Maran lay the darker color eggs. They use the Barred Rock to breed the Sex Links I am thinking. I am not sure if this is the same as the comet or not. In the Sex Links you can tell the kind when it hatches. Enjoy BYC a lot of good folk and great information. If I am not correct on this someone will help out. Again, WELCOME!

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