Hi. New here and thought I'd introduce myself


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
I've perused this site for sometime now and love all the information and ideas I've soaked up. I'm a relatively new chicken owner (will have owned my little flock for 2 years now come Spring).

I have a bit of a mixed bag of chicks; a number of EEs and a few Banties, Silkies and Red Sexlinks (love, love, love my chickens!). In my, cough, spare time, I enjoy fixing up old sheds, doghouses, playhouses or whatever I can find for free or on the "cheep" and turning them into coops. I'm on my third and final coop that I'll claim as my own and then I'll explore the possibility of selling one shed that I have waiting in the wings to be tricked out.

Anyhow, a huge Howdy from the great (albeit a little chilly right now) state of MD.
Hello and welcome from the Indiana!
Sounds like you have yourself a little coop town going on there...lol. Gosh, every cute little structure out there (including those swingset/playhouse things) I see while driving around - I see potential as a coop...lol.

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