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Jul 31, 2016
Just west of the Mississippi
Hi, I'm new to BackYard Chickens. We started raising 4 chicks just for fun - a one-month project that was supposed to end at the beginning of July. We were surprised to find that we really loved the chicks - each one has a different personality and they love snuggles and attention! So, we decided to keep them and are now in the process of getting a coop/run set up. Our girls (hopefully all girls!) are Clare (white), Cricket (black sex-link), Mocha (easter egger and might be a roo), and Acorn (RIR, I think). They were all hatched June 1.

All four of our chicks trying out Bok Choy. :)

Cricket - such pretty feathers

Clare - brave and sweet

Acorn and Mocha - We wonder if Mocha is a rooster. She's been the boss from the start, has lots of red feathers, and is the most aggressive of the group.

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