Hi! New to BYC, chicks yesterday, metrowest Boston

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    Hi all! Last year we moved across town (smaller house/bigger yard) which means...finally chickens! Our Dept of Health guy signed off on us Thurs, and we had the coop and chicks by Sat, no moss growing here.

    We have a brooder with 2 silkies/2 barred rock/ 2 ISA browns (cross RI red and white), in a heat-lamp dog crate in the sunroom, where they're currently cheeping and scratching their heads over their new suburban zoo. 5 kids, 1 bernese mountain dog, 2 cats, a bunch of fish and probably some foster kittens in a few weeks.

    Up today: trying to find a few pastel layers like Amercaunas/Araucanas to add to the kennel (or raise in adjacent and integrate soon) while they're young and (hopefully) will still play nice. Anyone know a MA farm that might have them?

    Glad to be here for the support and camaraderie!


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