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My brother in law gave me americanas at 2 days old, so I've raised them from babies. I love them ! They are almost 22 weeks old. I have 4 hens and a silkie roo. I purchased a rir chick and an australorp chick when my americanas were about two months old. Two of my americanas have started laying their eggs! So very excited !!!! I want to make sure I am giving my girls the proper feed they need. Any suggestions?

You can feed the ones laying/near laying chicken layer feed, either pellets or crumbles. Also put a side dish of oyster shell crumbles (you can buy them at a farm store) so they can get any extra calcium they may need. I usually give my chickens some scratch about every other day as well.

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Chickens love worms. I've never given mine mealworms, so I don't know how many and how often you can give, but don't give them too many treats. Treats that have a lot of sugar, fat, salt, and oils aren't very good for chickens. There are also countless articles and threads on here that will say what chickens can/can't eat. The common things are raw potato peels, apple seed/core, and styrofoam.
Rosters and young chicks (far from laying) should NOT be getting layer feed, the calcium could harm their kidneys. Some folks like to keep mixed flocks on "grower feed" and keep a container of crushed oyster shell out so layers will take it when they feel the need for calcium. The baby chicks and rooster will ignore it.

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