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Aug 4, 2016
Kent coast, UK
Hello, I'm new to BackYard Chickens. I started keeping chickens four months ago and am already an addict. I've got a four x two meter run, with a two level coop and three lovely ladies at the moment. My Rhode Rock has turned broody (for the second time in the last two months), and as I was planning on getting another two or three girls to fill up the perches and keep the girls warm this winter, I took the plunge and got some live eggs for her to hatch. So in 19 days, we should have some chicks. I'm very excited about it, although not as excited as mum was to find she actually had a clutch of eggs to sit on!

Apart from the chickens, I've got an adopted rabbit that badly needed a good home, two cats and a springer spaniel (hence no free-ranging option for the hens). I live in a cottage out in the country on the south Kent coast in the UK and am counting the days until I retire in three year's time and can spend all my time doing what I love best - veggie gardening and tending the animals.


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Apr 11, 2010

You're retirement sound wonderful! Glad you have such a great place to be for it.

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