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Jul 31, 2020
I am a new member. I have been enjoying the site and decided to join.
A bit about me.
I used to live on 150 acre farm and had pretty much every farm animal there is. Including chickens of course! The biggest difference is that when you have so many animals to care for you don’t really get a chance to just sit and watch them all. I had probably 50ish chickens at any give time. Now I live on 2 acres, (a lot less work!)
I have 7 chickens and now they are my pets. I absolutely love them and enjoy all their quirks and shenanigans.
I have 2 lavender mottled Orpington which are simply gorgeous. I have 2 Legbars, which are adorable. I have 2 Sussex and 1 yellow Orpington.
I have a coop for night and they free range during the day. When I am out they just follow me around being nosy. They are so spoiled!!!
I will say that it has been a new learning experience having them like this. I worry so much more about them now that there are only the 7.
I have 2 dogs as well. I tried to teach my boxer to get along with them, but he would rather eat them I think, so chickens have the front yard and dogs have the back :eek:).
Hercules, Maggie, Patty, Flash, Lucy, Ariel and Daisy Mae are my babies. And yes 2 roosters to 5 hens. So far it hasn’t been a problem.

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