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Jun 13, 2010
Hi fellow chicken owners! I've been lurking on the forums for a while- mainly the coop building ones since my husband is currently building a coop for our girls.

My name is Denise, and I live in a suburban Iowa town with my husband, K, our 3 girls; Anna-Lee, Reese, and Lucy, 2 basset hound girls, one mini dachshund boy, a female lionhead rabbit, one 6 week RIR pullet, and 3 one and a half year old white leghorn pullets. Our chickens are 'under the radar' right now. But our neighbors are fine with them and even think its cool/funny, so no problems there.

We are new to keeping chickens. Our 4 year old and I will be the main chicken keepers, along with the 2 year old helping where she can, and the baby riding along in a sling. My husband thinks I'm kooky...but has come to expect it!

I'm looking forward to getting to know fellow chicken lovers. I thought it'd be great to have chickens for the sustainability factor, but didn't think of them as being pets since birds freak me out. However, I think the chickens are great! I'm loving seeing their quirky personalities.

Especially the leghorns. They were kept in a coop fulltime with a roo. The two smaller ones have some bad feather damage, I'm guessing from stress of being so confined and one roo to 3 hens. They came to me dirty with nails that were over an inch long. Two of the three have had baths, wings clipped, and nails trimmed. They loved baths and getting blow dried! LOL Seeing them become more used to people is wonderful.


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Apr 6, 2008
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, So glad you decided to join us. You never can have to many chicken friends. I love my chicks. Enjoy them and hang out here a lot of good advice.

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