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Oct 8, 2010
Hello Everyone!

I've used this site SO many times when researching problems, I figured it's time that I join in and say hello

Here's my long winded story: I live with my husband, 3 cats and 10 chickens (as of right now!) on a beautiful little old farm in Virginia. I am a city gal by nature, how I wound up in this very rural area still amazes me. But that's another story - right now I'd like to tell you about how my love affair with chickens began:

Some 8 years ago we (I use "we" loosely, we are definitely the new "Green Acres" couple) moved here to the country. On moving day, we arrived to find the movers waiting for us, along with a dog, a young hen, and a young rooster in the front yard. The previous owners had horses and chickens, and I guess that the two they left behind didn't want to be found on moving day. The dog, well, I still don't understand how people out here treat dogs- but we learned his name was Jake, and he actually belonged to a "neighbor" who lives a mile away. Jake decided he liked us, and stayed on and off whenever he wanted - the family moved away 2 years later. Jake got along with the chickens just fine! The 2 chickens, well, I had NO idea what to feed them, where they should sleep, etc... So for the next few months we researched, and made one of the out buildings into a coop (for the first few weeks, the chickens slept on our fences or our cars!). It was a slow process - what to feed, how to protect from predators, etc. But I fell head over heals in love with them - we named the hen Mabel and the rooster Forrest. As they matured, Forrest began to ravage Mabel (as roosters will do, I learned) and caused her deep cuts on her back and behind her wings. I didn't know how to treat her then, and I couldn't find a vet for miles who would look at chickens! I finally found a Vet about 40 miles away, he gave me antibiotics for her and told me to separate them until she was healed, and to get more hens stat! I put out some feelers with the local animal warden and within a week got 3 young hens who had been wandering around a local farm but were not "owned". The rest is history, really. We became known for taking in chickens, we expanded the coop, built a big run and kept on over the years. We've taken in roosters who were rescued from fighting; chickens who fell off of Tyson trucks; hens who were no longer laying and destined for a soup pot; and many others who people either didn't want or couldn't keep for one reason or another. Although we've had chickens for 8 years, I still feel like a newbie - I am always learning.

So as of right now we have 2 barred rocks, 1 americana, 1 buff orpington, 2 black sex links, 2 buckeyes, and a both a hen and young rooster who I have NO idea what breeds they are! But they are all beautiful and I love each of them very, very much! I "shepherd" them daily when I let them free range on our property (I try to give them 2 - 4 hours a day when I can) because I've sadly learned that here in the country people just let their dogs run anywhere. And I've very sadly witnessed that dogs LOVE chickens (and not the way I do!). Some people have told me to shoot the dogs - sorry, but that's not my way, it's their nature and I don't blame them, I blame their owners.

But let me not end this on a sour note - I am here to learn and share with all of you fellow chicken lovers and I thank you in advance for letting me ramble on here; and letting me join in!

Best to all,

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