Hi There!


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
I am new to the chicken world! We have had our chickens for two weeks now and love them!
They have settled in well and are busy doing their thing. I do have one concern, we have one chicken that seems to want to be all alone. She doesn't want to be out with the rest of the gang and it concerns me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Howdy from Kansas, LongLegs42, and
! Pleased you joined us! She may be getting picked on by the others and isolating herself. Good luck to you!
Other than that is she eating, drinking, pooping normally for her? Does she show any signs of injury - bald areas, reddened spots or any blood? There is always a low chicken in the pecking order - maybe it is her.
Thank you for the welcome!
She seems to be eating and drinking ok, no signs of trauma. Maybe she is just the meek one in the group. I just feel bad that she seems to be missing out on socializing and being a part of the group.

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