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    Apr 14, 2009
    My name is Larry Evad Willard. I live in Eastern North Carolina. I have 25 RIR non production hens, 4 RIR roosters, !5 Barred Rock hens, 3 Barred Rock roosters, 5EE hens and 1 EE rooster. I have about 20 chicks that I just hatched out myself. I made my own incubator using information I got from this site and some college sites.
    I have a cat named Kitty Kitty she is Siamese and is 13 years old. We live in the country and love it. I go to community college for now and want to be a teacher like my mom. My dad is a Maint tech. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
    I have had chickens since I was 12 and I raised rabbits and red wigglers also. I sell my eggs at school and through my mom at her school. I have also done projects at school and in the cub and boyscouts. I have given talks to several schools around my area. I really do like chicken.
    I am looking for 3 more types to raise. I hope people on this site can help me out. I am thinking of getting some welsummers, any type marans and maybe some New Hampshire Reds so I can do some other type crosses. I have done some crosses with my RIR's and Barred Rocks and I have done a cross using a New Hampshire and a RIR hen.
    Hope to learn a lot and thanks for any help. Please email me if you have any suggestions. Evad
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    Get bantams they rule
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    far west Ohio
    [​IMG] from Ohio
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    Aug 5, 2008
    Welcome from Indiana... [​IMG]
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    Jun 10, 2007
    Douglasville GA
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    [​IMG] from Alabama Hey [​IMG] on all those chickens !
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    Mar 21, 2009
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    Madisonville, TN
    [​IMG] from TN
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    [​IMG] Hello from Washington!
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