Hi to eveyone

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8 Years
May 27, 2011
hello im new ... im from the uk and have 20 chickens and have just started to use the battor !! im trying to upload a pic for you to meet inky my polish chick

there are a lot of members from the UK. What part are you from?
im from hampshire and love this forum you guys have helped me and the hubby loads.. anyone help me upload a picture too im not very good with pc's
you need to have at least 10 posts before you can upload a picture. a lot of folks go to the new member intro section to build posts up. once you have 10 there is an upload link at the top of the page that walks you through it. can't wait to see your little polish baby. i have several in the bator due next week.
Awwww ok i will get posting then i did have 3 but we had to cull one had really bad claw feet . so i have inky who is 4 weeks today and jubbly that is a week old these are at home and the rest of my chickens all live on the farm
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