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  1. :)Thought I'd say Hello! I've been a member for a bit now. I've been reading threads but not posted much. By the time I've caught up with the reading [​IMG] it's time to get off the computer & get to doing . . . i.e. checking up on my chickens, dog, cats, dinner, laundry, oh and work! [​IMG] This is our third year with chickens and I don't know how I could ever give them up! We have 2 EE roos and 15 pullet/hens right now: 2 Australorp & 6 Australop X's, 1 BO, 1 wired Dark Cornish,
    2 Ameruacana (sp.) and 3 EE's. We lost our head hen Doll, a Barred Rock, early this summer [​IMG] . Our first year with chickens was wonderful & went well. We had no clue as to how to go about raising chickens so it was a blessing that we only lost one chick and that in the first two days we had them. The second year was an a absolute heartbreaking disaster! We lost 4 of our older girls to various odd illnesses, 3 of our point of lay BO's to illness, my favorite Ameruacana,Choxie, to a hawk attack, and her best buddy Muff, to a broken heart. (I really do believe that chickens can have a broken heart) I told my DH that if the first year with chickens had turned out like the second year I probably would have given up on raising chickens. You live and learn, hopefully, and read alot on the BYC [​IMG]. This third year went much better & we are about to embark on trying our hand out on hatching some of our own little chickies this spring! EEEEEK! I'm a bit nervous about this but we wil be allowing one of our 3 broody girls, if any of them are broody that is at the right time, to hatch some babies.[​IMG] Keep posting guys & gal's & I'll keep reading! BYC rules!!!!!! <>< Barb
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    [​IMG] Howdy Keeper!
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    welcome nice get to know alittle about u....johnny
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    Hello and welcome!
    Feel Free to Jump right in!
    We all started somewhere...
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    What do you mean it has taken 3 years before you're ready to hatch>[​IMG]

    My DH wishes I had your self control
  7. [​IMG] Thought we'd better figure out what chickens were about before hatching any chickies [​IMG]. We really got started with absolutly no idea what we were about. BYC is great but didn't discover it for the first 2 years, believe it or not:he Might have made a huge difference that disasterous 2nd year. <>< Barb
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]
  9. Welcome to the gang! Sorry to hear about the last couple of years, but we all go through that at some point and time. Good luck with you hatching this spring.
    Last year was my first year raising chicks since I was a kid, and all went well with the help of BYC people. I am still trying to hatch eggs from others myself, but haven't had any luck yet. Things have been a little stressful here, and I think that's why they haven't hatched.
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    Hi, welcome, I think your broody hens will know exactly what to do-listen to their expertise

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