Hi Y'all from Western Kentucky


6 Years
Feb 21, 2013
This is our first attempt at raising chickens. We received 24 Buff Orpingtons 2 weeks ago and all is going well. We live out in the country and have a couple of horses. We just added a Great Pyrenees, last Friday. He is almost a year old and is a rescue. He had started to chase cars and was going to be hit and killed. We have a large fenced area away from the road, so it should work out well. He got to meet the chickens, last evening. I am almost done making the coop critter-proof. I've converted an area of the barn that was used for a couple of dogs.

We plan to free-range the chickens, hence the dog. This is a grand adventure for my 14 year old daughter and me.

Wish us luck.
Welcome! And good luck! I've got six buff orpingtons and they are sooooo sweet! We just got our first egg on my sons birthday, the 15th. Chickens are a very fun filled and exciting hobby. Welcome to the.chicken addiction! :D

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