Jul 15, 2016
Look forward to learning from all of you. Unfortunitely i am expierencing a bit of a problem. I'm fairly new to this I have had guinea hens for several years. But they seem to be a real hardy bird. I seen a baby chick that was struggling at the store and brought it home to save it. Got another one so it wouldn't be alone. Tried to help it and it ended up dying my daughter and I were heartbroken. Next day went and got another one so the one we had wouldn't be alone. Well raised it put them outside there very friendly. Long story short one got hurt broke my heart. And now the other one is alone outside. There about 10 weeks old. Trying to figure out now what to do. The that's left is very friendly. Comes running to me as soon as I go in the pen and if I sit it gets in my lap. I love the little girl but I know she misses her companion. Where ever you say one you say the other. Don't no what to do could any one help me please.
Hi and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us. Sorry to hear about your losses. If you can get hold of some other chickens of roughly the same age, you may wish to consider getting 2-3 more. You can check out the Buy/sell/trade forum to see what may be on offer close to you. You need to have made 20 posts to participate on the forum.

Good luck

One chick can also be bonded to a human family. Please check out "people with house chickens." Since you don't know what happened to the others, this may give the only chick a chance to flourish - she would be away from predators etc. But please continue with regular chicken feed and only very limited treat items. If you have indoor cats/dogs, I would abort the indoor chicken stuff - sooner or later pets kill them.
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