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    May 8, 2017
    Hi everyone, I live in Northern Canada and gave a small hobby farm. Until Friday I had 8 Brown Leghorn hens just over a year old. 5 were taken by a hawk while they were free ranging[​IMG]I'm looking to buy 3 Americauna pullets-does anyone know if the older hens would torment the pullets in the coop? Also, I will be supervising free range time more closely. Thanks!
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    It would be better to keep your flock in an enclosed covered run till the hawks move on elsewhere. Hawks will blatantly swoop down and take a bird near your feet before you can react. They had meals off your flock and know you have more left. If they have offspring to feed, they will be even more insistent. Baby birds demand to be fed often. Parent birds will take the path of least resistance.

    Generally putting new birds with an established flock will cause trauma & shake up the pecking order which may need to be reshuffled. The best way to integrate is the " look but, don't touch" method. It's kinder, gentler, and usually no blood shed. You can find this on BYC.
  3. Veedsy

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    May 8, 2017

    Thank you so much! Yes, you're probably right about keeping them indoors. I still can't be sure what the predator was-all that was left was piles of feathers-no sign of the birds.
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    drumstick diva gave you great advice!

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