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Jun 9, 2020
Glad I found Backyard Chickens :) so I have somewhere to go to talk chickens . We had chickens several years ago but after an animal attack took out the whole flock we took a break . We've wanted to get chickens again and this is the year! since luckily a neighbor friend of ours has a backyard flock and their broody mama hatched out 7 chicks for us. They also gave us some fertilized eggs and loaned us an incubator. My first time hatching eggs and 18 out of 25 hatched. They are a week old today and the 7 from broody mama are 3 weeks. We're told they are Ameraucana and Ameraucana/Buff Orphington mix.

DSC01879.JPG DSC01883.JPG DSC01850.JPG

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