In the Brooder
Sep 24, 2020
(1) I’m not new to chickens i grew up with chickens at my grandparents house and the when I was 14 my family got our first 5 chickens

(2) I currently have 12 chickens 11 hens and 1 roster his name is gizmo

(3) I have 6 Americans one is the rooster 3 blue australorp which are called the three fates 1 black sex link 1 barred rock named hera and 1 golden sex link

(4) I love having backyard chickens for so many reasons I love the fresh eggs I love how fun they are and how happy they get when it’s time to be let out of the coop to run around the yard every morning

(5) Some of my other hobbies are spending time outdoors camping fly fishing learning new things

(6) I come from a family of 4 we have quite a big backyard plenty of space for our chickens and dogs and 1 cat who likes to think he is the alpha but we all know the roo is the boss, I work in health care and my goal is to purse to the medical field

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