10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Hi ya'll! My name is Bonnie & I live in SW Florida. We bought 3 layers - Barred Rock, Red Buff & RI Red (died) - about 2 years ago then got 3 chicks - coons got the girls but the rooster is a beautiful (loud) Welsummer. We just got 9 exotics from the 4-H club auction at our local fair but 1 just got sick & passed away last night so we now have 11. We have Frizzels, Silkie, Polish, Leghorn, RIR bantam & dark Brahma Bantams.

When my Silkie got sick 2 days ago, I searched online for help but didn't find this group until today. Looks like some very knowledgable members.

My husband Mike & I live on a little piece of land in El Jobean, on the Myakka River with Blitzen our Dachshund, some goldfish & the chickens. We do a lot of boating. I grow a lot of organic veggies.

I look forward to some good advice & information from this forum.

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